Strava призупиняє свою роботу в Росії та Білорусі

Сьогодні користувачі Strava з України отримали листа від CEO Strava Michael Horvath у якому були слова підтримки до укрїнського народу, а також кроки які вже зробила, та зробить компанія задля підтримки України.
Це: внесок на рахунок Червоного Хреста (ця організація робить гуманітарну допомогу, як у середині України, так і українським біженцям за кордоном), призупинення роботи сервісу у РФ та Білорусі, запуск спеціальної події Ukraine Relief Challenge для заохочення допомогти через Червоний Хрест, “Support Ukraine” Activity Map новий тип мап для GPS активності, щоб атлети могли виказати свою підтримку Україні.
Нижче приведено зміст листа:
« Strava has always been a platform that brings athletes together through the power of community. That very community is being rocked by a tragic and senseless war, and it’s important that we show our support and stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.
According to the UN, over 2 million refugees have fled their homes in Ukraine due to the unjust invasion by Russia under Vladimir Putin’s directive, turning this war into a humanitarian crisis.

After considering a number of options, Strava is taking the following steps to help provide aid and support to the embattled country and people of Ukraine:

Humanitarian Aid

We are making donations to humanitarian organizations that are focused on supporting those affected and displaced by the war in a just manner, including the International Committee of the Red Cross.
Suspension of Strava Services in Russia and Belarus

We stand with hundreds of other corporations and organizations that recognize that a temporary suspension of our services in Russia and Belarus, while insignificant individually, when aggregated may be a meaningful part of bending the course of the war back to peace.
Ukraine Relief Challenge

We have launched the Ukraine Relief Challenge, asking our athlete community to record 5 km in any distance-based activity to earn the badge, then share it with friends and encourage them to sign up and pitch in. As part of this challenge we encourage you to donate as well and support the Red Cross’ efforts here.

“Support Ukraine” Activity Map

We’ve added a new Support Ukraine map type for all GPS activities, and encourage all athletes to use it and show their solidarity with Ukraine.
Even as peaceful nations across the world unite around our responsibility to help Ukraine, we see the destructive forces of racism at work in people of color being treated with malice by border agents of Ukraine and neighboring countries as they seek refuge at the border. We support the rights of all refugees, regardless of background, race and original homeland to live a safe life free from fear and persecution.

We recognize the suspension of services in Russia and Belarus will change our relationship with the many valued members of our community in the affected regions who do not support Putin’s totalitarian regime governing Russia. In addition, we acknowledge our support for Ukraine may be challenging for some given the reports of discriminatory practices against people of color at border crossings, but we feel our course of action is necessitated by a greater imperative to do what we can for the sake of peace.

We join the international community in expressing sincere hope for a return to a peaceful and sovereign Ukraine.»

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